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High-frequency arbitrage algorithm developed as part of Einstein Telescope Technologies program now live

Our joint collaboration with the Einstein Telescope program is now resulting into another live deliverable. We have recently finished a high-frequency trading algorithm that works well, is properly tested and that we are putting live now on our own trading account. The results of 1,5 years of hard work and cooperation between the Boosting Alpha…

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Kennismigranten regeling

IND Referent Status voor Genzai en Boosting Alpha voor kennismigranten regeling

Genzai en Boosting Alpha hebben recent de status “Erkent Referent” bij de IND ontvangen. Dit betekent dat we versneld werkvergunningen kunnen aanvragen bij de IND voor niet-EU burgers in het kader van de Kennismigranten regeling. Inmiddels hebben we werkvergunningen geregeld voor twee ICT developers uit Indonesië die bij ons in dienst zijn getreden nadat ze…

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FXDX featured on Yahoo Finance

FXDX was featured yesterday on Yahoo Finance. It has crossed $250m in total trading volume in about 3 months of its launch. FXDX ensures a trustless environment of lightning-fast trades at low transaction costs, minimizes liquidations, and maximizes gains on your trade. FXDX has been able to achieve some remarkable progress already since its launch:…

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