FXDX was featured yesterday on Yahoo Finance. It has crossed $250m in total trading volume in about 3 months of its launch. FXDX ensures a trustless environment of lightning-fast trades at low transaction costs, minimizes liquidations, and maximizes gains on your trade.

FXDX has been able to achieve some remarkable progress already since its launch:
– Within a week of launch, they became the most prominent decentralized trading platform on the Algorand blockchain by volume.
– FXDX crossed $250 million in total trading volumes within 3 months of launch.
– During this period, they have also been able to generate protocol revenue of over $300K.
– From a staking/liquidity provider perspective, FXDX became the decentralized Application (dApp) with the highest APR (Annual Percentage Rate) on the Algorand ecosystem. Liquidity providers currently receive an APR of roughly 200% per year on average.

Congratulations to the FXDX team for reaching these milestones.

The team from Boosting Alpha/Genzai is coaching / supporting them on a weekly basis on topics around Technology, Security, Scalability. The first 3 months is only a start, there are many exciting innovations on-route such as a EVM (Ethereum) based platform and also V2 of the Algorand platform.
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