Congratulations to the FXDX team for hitting more than $ 400 million in trading volumes on their Algorand platform. This was achieved after getting live at the end of July 2022 up until the end of December 2022 in one of the worst periods in the crypto industry ever.

Apart from hitting the $ 400 million trading volume, FXDX also generated trading fees of more than $ 500 K in this period.

There are a lot of interesting developments planned for 2023 as well. Anxiously awaiting the launch of FXDX on EVM-compatible (EVM = Ethereum Virtual Machine) platforms in January 2023 as well as the launch of version 2 for the Algorand platform.

While many alternative L1 and L2 chains have been struggling this year (like Solana, Avalanche and Near) Algorand seems to be one of the more stable blockchains. Most likely because it is viewed as a safe and professional option since it was founded by a MIT professor and has been selected in 2022 by the FIFA and Bank of Italy.
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