It is always nice when one of our platform partners, in this case BOTS, surprises you with a nice Instagram video where they say our trading algorithms are overperforming the market (and probably most other trading bot developers).

As everybody will know, the crypto market has seen big declines in 2022 of more than 70-80%. We have more than 60 different trading bots on the BOTS platform. While obviously not all of our trading bots were able to avoid damage, our average bot managed to avoid big damages. Roughly 10 of our 60 trading bots even managed to achieve positive returns this year, while on the BOTS platform, our trading bots can only use Long positions.

So nice to see that Jesse, who runs the Bots Creator team at BOTS, specifically picks out the Boosting Alpha bots for their trading performance.

Everybody in crypto is waiting now on the next bull market. Will it come? When will it come? I am pretty convinced right now that there will be a next bull market. And it will be primarily driven by the Web3 trend. I am not convinced yet about all of this Metaverse stuff. Another factor to consider is on which blockchain that Web3 move will occur. While previously Ethereum was the big blockchain, I do see other blockchains continuing to eat TVL (total value locked) away from the Ethereum chain. The battle of blockchains is upcoming….
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