Maastricht Health Campus published a nice article about their first Investor Day for their portfolio companies. InnerBuddies was 1 of the 3 companies that got the opportunity to present for the audience.

InnerBuddies is a spin-off from the University of Maastricht (UM). The idea behind InnerBuddies was initially started by the UM Microbiome professor Koen Venema which is based at the Brightlands Greenport Campus in Venlo. Later Joachim Schneider (ex-CEO BASF Vegetable Seeds) got involved and also Genzai got involved. In the last 1,5 years InnerBuddies build up a strong multi-disciplinary team of 12 people (microbiome, nutrition and AI/ICT knowledge), developed its vision & roadmap, managed to get its MVP launched and also managed to build some strong & unique IP positions in that period. So for a start-up quite a fast launch.

After the initial establishment of the company in October 2021 (where both Genzai and Joachim joined as investors), we finalized two investment rounds in 2022 (with 2 family offices and 1 business angel). Since we are now live with the MVP, the focus in H2 2022 will be on sales & marketing primarily towards B2C (online marketing) and dieticians/healthcare practitioners. As of 2023 we will also be setting up a business in the B2B space (clinical trials and a SaaS model built on top of an API service). On the marketing side, we will also be quite innovative because we will be using cartoons in the marketing efforts.

InnerBuddies – Meet the Universe inside You

There is a whole universe of bacteria living in and on your body, most of which live in your gut. The totality of these bacteria scientifically is referred to as the microbiome. We refer to them as your “innerbuddies”, because of the strong effects they can have on your wellbeing and you can have on theirs. So if you are already carrying them with you, why not get to know them? After all, some of these bacteria are beneficial and therefore you want to keep them with you and even strengthen them. They can help, among other things, that your immune system is strong. The others that are less beneficial you want to reduce because they can cause unpleasant symptoms or even disorders. What food you consume has a huge influence on this dynamic. By getting to know your innerbuddies, you learn how you can make them work for you via your food choices.

You can check our website on Our service is currently available in both Dutch and English and we will introduce other languages as we expand into more countries later.


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