Met InnerBuddies staan we nu met een serie van 3 artikelen in Women’s Health met enkele nieuwswaardigheden rondom je Gut Microbioom. Hoe je eigen poep je meer kan vertellen over je gezondheid en wat je het beste kunt eten om die te verbeteren of gezond te houden.

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1 week ago

We’ve all heard that real beauty comes from within, and this is especially true in the case of our intestines as InnerBuddies’ microbiologist, Koen Venema, explains during his interview with Women’s Health. “The inside of our intestines is the outside of our body.”

Venema goes on to mention five facts about the gut that you might not know:

1. The gut is the second brain: Half of our neurons are located in our brain and the other half is located in the gut, allowing consistent communication to occur between them.

2. The gut is involved in all disease processes: Your gut microbiomes can ensure that you recover faster, or they can make you even more sick, depending on what microbes you house.

3. Your colony of microorganisms are unique: Your exact number and species of microorganisms are unique to you, and can be influenced by diet and lifestyle. The InnerBuddies poop kit can examine your microbiome health and provide you with individualized nutrition advice based on your specific InnerBuddies.

4. Men and women have a different composition of intestinal flora: Although this is true, the main differences in microbiome composition is caused by DNA and diet.

5. You exhale farts nonstop: This might seem odd, but it’s true! The gas in your intestines, to a great extent, is exhaled through your lungs. How much you say? Twenty-five liters of gas per day!

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