Innerbuddies is a start-up translating customer microbiome analysis into nutritional personalized advise (B2C) as well as developing smarter microbiome analytics (B2B). The company has the MVP ready and will launch the commercial marketing shortly. Scope is Europe and both the B2C and B2B market. The differentiating element for InnerBuddies is in (1) the detailed translation to personalized food advice and (2) the bio-informatics technology behind the platform.



Our current CEO, Jella Theeuwen, a trained dietician, is required to spend more time in leading the content development and dietary practise of our company, that due to its aspiration to provide a differentiating quality and improved degree of personalization of our nutritional advice, is becoming more demanding by the day.


Since we are now entering into the very critical launch phase of our company, we need to strengthen our already existing dietary and ICT skillset with a marketing and sales capacity including social media expertise at senior level: the Chief Sales & Marketing Officer. The idea is that Jella and the CSMO together will form the management board of InnerBuddies going forward.


The sales channels are (1) online marketing (B2C), (2) healthcare professionals, (3) (clinical) trials (B2B) and (4) online SaaS platform for the bio-informatics technology. The challenge for the next few years will be to build-up sales volumes in these channels and grow internationally.


We are looking for an energetic and entrepreneurial candidate, ideally with a sales and marketing background and with a passion for nutrition/food/medical, and aspiration to be a part of bringing a young start-up team to success.


We consider the incumbent becoming an Innerbuddies shareholder via direct investment and/or contribution in kind an attractive option for both parties.


Location is the Brightlands Greenport Campus in Venlo.


To learn more about InnerBuddies, pls see following link:


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