This Summer must be the busiest summer period I have experienced in my life. We have so many things going on this Summer. I am already looking forward to September 2022 where it likely will get a little bit less busy (only 2 new projects starting, Fintech & GoogleTech). Also, we are already close to 2 new projects starting early 2023 as well (SupplyChain & Health).

The team is preparing for the launch on September 1. Last week was a very positive week with some good tests. I hope they will be confirmed by additional tests this week and then the team will finish everything up for the launch.

The team is busy with setting up the social media / ads campaigns. They should go live shortly. Also we are recruiting extra sales & marketing power into the team. The tech team is adding our own proprietary A.I. models behind the platform so that our first customers can immediately benefit from leading-edge accuracy.

Our team is helping with the final security checks so that the Algorand version can go live. The same will happen later in July when the ETH versions are ready for launch.

The team on Mycelium is preparing to have everything ready for testing end of July. Then the next 6 weeks the team will perform the end-to-end integration testing, refinement etcetera. Last week we witnessed the first trade optimization and we achieved a better optimized price than 1inch. So looking good so far.

The Logichainge team is also preparing to have everything ready for testing end of July and then spent the next 6 weeks on end-to-end integration testing. The new commercial CEO has been very successful in setting up customer meetings so currently it looks like the sales ramp-up will go significantly faster than expected in the company forecast. Very complex are the different A.I. models which can automatically read order emails and fill in the transportation order fields automatically. But so far looking good. Every single transportation order is still validated manually in our SaaS platform, but obviously we would like to get to a very high A.I. accuracy from the start. Luckily we have lots of historic data, so we can compare accuracy at scale.

GENZAI CONSULTING (will be different name)
On August 1, we will start with a new entity that offers commercial A.I. / Digital Transformation services to big, medium and small companies at normal commercial rates. This week the BV will be established and we are finalizing the contract with the future CEO. Our intent is that this operation will quickly grow into one of the biggest A.I. / Digital Transformation consulting firms in the Southern part of the Netherlands. I will keep my own focus primarily on Genzai (Ventures) but given my previous 20+ years of consulting experience, I will probably help here and there with sales and growing the entity.

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