Nice to see FXDX popping up as a prominent party in the Algorand ecosystem. Algorand is the only blockchain platform that has grown in 2022 where Total Value Locked (TVL) increased from USD 70 mln to USD 240 mln since Jan 1, 2022. All other Layer 1 and Layer 2 blockchain platforms have seen a big decline in TVL in 2022. While still very small compared to the Ethereum blockchain, Algorand has grown from number 30 to number 15 in the ranking of largest blockchain platforms in 2022.

Algorand is also poised to grow further since FIFA and Algorand officially launched the FIFA+ Collect community platform in September 2022 that will provide football fans around the world with the chance to affordably own unique digital collectibles – from the greatest game moments to the most iconic FIFA World Cup™ and FIFA Women’s World Cup™ art and imagery.

FIFA+ Collect will be available on FIFA+, a digital platform created to connect football fans across the globe more deeply with the game they love. FIFA+ provides access to live football matches from every corner of the world, interactive games, news, tournament information, and unrivalled original content – delivering truly global storytelling around the men’s and women’s game.
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