And another A.I. model that went into production. This model counts and recognizes the different types of insects that can occur in nature. We build it into the Amazon AWS portal environment of Faunabit as an API service so that Faunabit can easily integrate it into their SaaS platform.

A joint cooperation between Genzai, Faunabit and Naturalis where entomologists from Naturalis annotated all different types of insects. It has been integrated as an API service into the infrastructure of Faunabit and the Genzai team built and refined the AI models for this service.

Faunabit sells hardware products to farmers and research organizations that want to count and recognize insects. For this purpose high resolution cameras are used (because insects are very small off course).

In a potential subsequent step we will likely also add functionality to size each insect (how big is it) and to maybe have this functionality also work on high-resolution videos (where we can follow the individual insects across each of the frames inside a video). Naturalis is also working on annotating more images of insects that occur less frequently in nature (to increase the accuracy of recognizing less-occuring insects).

A nice cooperation between different parties with different types of skills.
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