How automatic text generation is a revolution in AI?

This article presents about automatic text generation arising from artificial intelligence technology, specifically from its subfield of Natural language processing.


Introduction to automatic text generation

With huge advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI), especially in its subfield of Natural language processing (NLP), it is now possible to generate text automatically with minimal human intervention. Such is the ability of this technology that, one can generate article on a topic or generate summary for a blog in a matter of few seconds.  The impressive part is that the automatically generated text appears so natural, that it is hard to distinguish if it was human-written or machine-written.


AI, NLP and automatic text generation

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one field that is rapidly evolving in this century. Natural language processing (NLP), a subfield of AI, is leading the way with many applications across domains. Up until recent times, the mode of interaction with computer to perform specific tasks was predominantly via programming. But recent developments in NLP has revolutionized this interaction, where we can now interact with computers in the same way we interact amongst humans in our natural language. One of the many products of NLP field: automatic text generation has been achieved through Deep Learning techniques, where an AI language model predicts the next probable sequence of words for a given input text.


Prospects of Automatic text generation

Automatic text generation has plenty of applications ranging from report creation, text summarization, conversational styled chat, essay composition, answering questions and more. One limitation, to be taken note of, is that it cannot generate longer texts. Despite this limitation, automatic text generation has great potential in multiple domains. It can be used for customer support chatbot, creating meeting notes, speed up content writing, lyrical suggestions for song etc. In the coming years, it should be no surprise, if we scroll through a webpage written by Artificial Intelligence (AI) without realizing it is written by AI. Prospects like these make automatic text generation, an exciting realm to look out for.