During the Summer period we had 9 people joining Genzai and its start-ups, mostly on the Commercial/Sales side and ICT people that decided to work for us after they finished their graduation or internship with us.

But now we have a big batch of new students as well, 16 in total. From Fontys University, Maastricht University and TU Eindhoven.

Two front-end designers/coders (Fontys) have joined the InnerBuddies team to work on further redesign/refinement of the portal and also to build some new functionalities.

Three full-stack developers (Fontys) have joined the Logichainge team to work on some new functionalities for phase 2 of the product.

Then we have 3 Data Science/AI resources (UM and Fontys) that joined our Pharma/Chemicals A.I. joint-venture. After we already finished the functionalities for application in the Chemicals industry, these 3 new people are going to focus on Pharma use cases, particularly utilizing A.I. to develop new medicines. This is part of a To-Be joint venture between Genzai and a bigger corporate and recently we also decided to now take steps to actually set-up the BV structure and the team for this entity. So looking forward to this new activity.

Then we have 4 (front-end, back-end, A.I. and full-stack) resources that have started on our new SEO-SEA SaaS start-up that we are establishing together with Goodlife International. We previously did a good market research study so we know the sweet-spot on which we are focussing and the SEO-SEA market is a huge global market. So anxious to see whether we can build the technology that can make this start-up succesful.

And then we have 3 people starting with Boosting Alpha. 2 A.I. resources as part of the Einstein Telescope Technologies program and 1 Solidity smart contract resource on phase 2 of the Mycelium project.

And 1 front-end designer/coder that is going to further expand our AgroWizard cloud platform.

Everybody welcome to our team.

It is nice to see that our teams (Genzai, Boosting Alpha but also the different start-ups that we are investing / participating in) keep on strengthening and growing their teams. It is becoming quite a big network of entrepreneurial people and strong ICT/A.I. teams.
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