Really cool. Our start-up AgroWizard is now going commercially live. On January 17 we have a launch event at Fleuren Tree Nurseries in Baarlo, followed by 10 to 12 demo events at tree nurseries in both the Netherlands and Germany.

See below a video item that was made by Omroep Venlo this week about our long-expected launch. The result of close to 4 years of advanced software and hardware development and testing.

The launch will be with our first Measurement App called the “stamdikte meter” (or Tree Stem Size measurement in English). Our Appstore will be launched later this year where we will introduce a range of other measurement apps that can run on exactly the same hardware infrastructure. These will be measurement apps either build by AgroWizard themselves or by other software parties that are building Apps for our Appstore.

The business model will be subscriptions on both the hardware and software. Initially starting with tree nurseries, but this concept will quickly move to other Agro sectors and also to the Public Sector environment. There will be a launch later this year as well for city governments where our hardware will be attached to garbage vehicles (so that city governments can measure all types of stuff in the city environment like dirt on the streets, tree security for lane trees next to roads and all kinds of other measurement apps).
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Here is the link to the article and video for AgroWizard: