This video gives a nice short snapshot of the AgroWizard Cloud portal. Our modular hardware platform contains a 4G connection that automatically uploads all measurements realtime to the user account on our Cloud Portal.

The Cloud Portal is where Tree Nurseries can view their fields and visualize the measurements from different viewpoints. The Cloud portal is also integrated with the Wolky Tolky weather station and Soil Scanner API’s and we already have build connections with PDOK (Dutch Kadaster) for different datasets. Our vision is to integrate as much relevant data as possible to provide an end-to-end view according to our Precision Farming maturity model.

Going forward, we will continue to further work on the Cloud Portal adding new visualizations, ability to easily correlate different datasets and obviously we are going to build different views when we move to different sectors like Governments, Fruit Growers and Wine.

One of the things we will be reviewing with our Pilot Customers whether there are things they would like to have added. Our vision is to co-develop this platform as much as possible together with our customers.

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