AgroWizard B.V. is a hardware platform, Appstore and online platform for companies and organizations from the agricultural sectors and government. Initially, the focus is on tree nurseries and government municipalities.

Fruit tree and avenue tree growers can gain more insight into their fields based on data. AgroWizard offers growers a digital environment where they can consult freemium data sources (including plot boundaries, satellite data, soil types), view the data from the premium products of AgroWizard, such as TreeWizard, and make the link to their own data sources such as soil moisture and temperature sensors.

The modular hardware platform can be attached to any driving vehicles like tractors and AGV’s (for agricultural sectors) and garbage vehicles (for government municipalities). Every vehicle has at least 1 Connection Module but can have 1 to 4 Vision modules. The Vision modules have the capability to measure all types of things about the crops or objects, using stereo camera, infrared sensors, LIDAR, RTK-GPS and Artificial Intelligence technology. What they measure is determined by the measurement apps that a customer subscribes to. Within the Cloud Portal we have incorporated an Appstore where customers can view all measurement apps and can subscribe to them.

Measurement apps can be build both by AgroWizard but also by external Software Partners. The hardware platform (and apps) are being sold through Distribution Partners.

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