BodyGraph Smart Shirts – Taking Smart Wearables To The Next Level!

Health is hot. More and more often, people want insights into their health. The current generation of smart wearables makes this possible, and provides the user with a lot of data. This data still needs to be interpreted, however. Because: what these smart wearables cannot do yet, is give you real-time feedback that is precisely tailored to your body and your situation.

How does it work?

The smartshirt has biometric sensors woven into the fabric, measuring 6 key bodily functions. This goes way further than simply monitoring your heart rate! Naturally, the shirt also features a GPS tracker, giving you up-to-date information about your current location. It actually becomes ‘smart’ when algorithms and Artificial Intelligence are added to give you useful feedback about your performance. Feedback that helps you stay healthy. Gives you tips about what to do. Or warns you when it is time to slow down. See it as your personal coach!

What exactly does the smartshirt measure?

Using innovative technology, the smartshirt measures your breathing, pulse, exertion level, body temperature and hydration levels.