About Us

We are a start-up, doing what we love to do most: creating business value by working with our partners on advanced AI or ICT-driven business models. We can help you deliver real business impact by using the latest concepts from Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Visualisations. We have a network, the best coders, can provide financing in-kind or cash (through Limburg Technology Investment Fund) and we have a strong consulting background.

Roy Lenders.


Our Services

GGenzai is an Artificial Intelligence / Advanced ICT Investment and Consulting Firm. We are backed by the Limburg Technology Investment Fund (LTIF) and invest and work together with start-ups and corporates from a diverse range of industries. We focus on entrepreneurs that want to leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence / Advanced ICT in their products or services. We employ a team of software developers that is very experienced in a range of new and complex technologies that support the entrepreneurs in building new ambitious and IP-based businesses.


We work ourselves as entrepreneurs so we will also advise and coach the start-ups in a range of different areas like Idea Creation, Sales Pitch, Sales, Marketing, Strategic Partnering and a range of other aspects. We typically get involved in very early stages of the business lifecycle, before Angel Investors, VC firms or other players even get involved. Although we can coach, advise and support the start-ups, the start-ups should have a strong entrepreneurial team as well.

Limburg Technology Investment Fund (LTIF)

Our Differentiators


We are fan of open-source libraries. This allows us to build solutions efficiently, remain flexible in terms of ICT delivery, not become dependent on any software supplier and benefit from the often big communities behind these open-source libraries. Our preferred programming language is Python. Most of our solutions are Cloud and API based. We have experience with almost all Cloud providers and not afraid of building complex and advanced stuff.

Sprint / Scrum Based Approach

We prefer to work based on short Sprint / Scrum Phases, typically a few weeks. This allows flexibility and freedom to navigate (start-ups tend to have a vision that also needs to be detailed during the project) and we are used to pivot and increase ambition levels during the project. To gain speed and deliver the best User Interface experience, most of the UI-based projects also employ special UI design and validation processes before we actually start building code.

Custom Build

Since we build custom projects for our start-ups, our start-ups are not restricted by the standard functionalities in standard solutions. Since we try to increase synergy and use available open-source libraries there where possible, we can also implement faster and cheaper than most others. We aim to create a good and strong IP position for our start-ups since this is important for their future development and financing rounds.

Domain, Mathematics AND ICT Knowledge

Our team combines Domain, Management Consulting, Mathematics and ICT Knowledge. This enables us to build better solutions faster and also ensures we challenge our clients with alternative ways of thinking. Our joint aim is to increase the business value and valuation for the start-ups.

Our Contact Details

Roy Lenders:  +31 (6) 18035772


IBAN: NL72KNAB0256769249

KvK: 69934592

We are based on the Brightlands Agrofood Campus in Venlo