GenzaiArtificial Intelligence | Big Data Analytics | Utilizing Lean Six Sigma Methodology

Our service

We help you to improve the performance of your processes using data-analytics and artificial intelligence. We follow a fact-based DMAIC approach, analyse your data and create new insights using Lean Six-Sigma, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and Data Visualisation. We work with the people in your organisation, jointly develop ideas for process improvement, and assist in implementing them. We focus on delivering real business value for you!



About us

We are a start-up, doing what we love to do most: creating business value by working with our customers on analytical and data-rich projects. We can create insights, optimise, and (help) deliver real business impact by using the latest concepts from Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Visualisations. We have business-analytical skills, we can code and we have consultancy experience.

The Genzai team: Marc Jacobs, Roy Lenders and Xue Li.



Our contact details

Marc Jacobs: +31 (6) 57748895   |   Roy Lenders:  +31 (6) 18035772   |   Xue Li +31 (6) 81069938   |   |

IBAN: NL65ABNA0577865250

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